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Course description:

Training to strengthen the immune system - with yoga and Ayurveda

The annual training course to strengthen the immune system with yoga and Ayurveda is intended for everyone who wants to deal with their immune system in detail. We go into detail about all aspects of a healthy lifestyle and the prevention of diseases and actively practice physical fitness, stress reduction and mindfulness Relaxation.

Yoga for beginners/adults

Yoga for Beginners is for those who want to practice yoga regularly. Prior knowledge is an advantage but not a requirement. Seniors are also in good hands here. Together we will learn the various yoga asana (postures) and pranayama (breathing techniques), deal with yoga theory and practice meditation and mindful relaxation.   


MATRIYOG childbirth preparation course

This course specifically addresses the needs of expectant mothers and their unborn children. We keep ourselves fit and healthy with yoga and breathing exercises, affirmations, dream journeys and belly dancing. From the 12th week of pregnancy onwards it can be practiced (under normal circumstances) until birth.

baby massage

Being touched, caressed and massaged is nourishment that is just as important as minerals and vitamins.

Studies on premature babies show that the babies who were massaged gained more weight, were more alert and could even be discharged 6 days earlier than babies who were not massaged(!). Baby massage not only improves physical and emotional development but also strengthens the immune system. It helps to deepen the contact between you and your baby, the "bonding", and gives your child the feeling of being safe - loved and secure


Yoga with Baby / Baby Yoga

In yoga with a baby, we learn relaxation techniques, baby massage, simple breathing and warm-up exercises followed by games and strengthening yoga postures (the asanas) in order to be fit and feel vital again after the pregnancy. Above all we learn techniques to be  relaxed in order to face the new challenges with the baby.

Move, breathe, sing, massage and relax - babies love yoga.  The babies are lovingly cared for according to their age. BabyYoga promotes baby's development on a physical and mental level and supports bonding with the parents. All senses are stimulated, the body systems are harmonized. Regular practice improves baby's digestion and sleep rhythm. Postnatal yoga strengthens the health and well-being of the mother.

yoga with a child

Yoga with a child accompanies mothers/fathers with small children from walking age. It is a mixture of toddler yoga (for children from 18 months to about 4.5 years) and yoga for moms.

toddler yoga

ToddlerYoga is aimed at mobile babies and children between the ages of 18 months and 4.5 years. Children and parents practice and sing together. Strengthening, stretching, coordination and relaxing together are central aspects of Toddler Yoga. The children learn to move their bodies, reduce stress and learn to express themselves individually through yoga. Playful, loving activities help parents and children through difficult times of boundary testing and outbursts of anger. You learn to find balance - the balance between activity and deceleration. A wonderful preparation for a balanced and happy life!

kids yoga

Yoga for children promotes concentration and helps build self-awareness, body awareness and self-confidence.

Children's yoga has a stress-balancing, relaxing effect. It promotes a good balance between rest and movement or action and relaxation. It makes you more balanced, more vital, strengthens the immune system, makes you more agile and mentally flexible; supports and promotes a good balance between body, mind and soul.

Progressive muscle relaxation (PME) - Good bye stress

Reducing stress through progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobson -

This simple and easy to learn relaxation method is effective for physical and mental tension. It helps you to increase your well-being and  deal more calmly with everyday stressful situations.

PME is a quick-to-learn, active relaxation technique that can be easily integrated into everyday life. Targeted tensing and relaxing of individual muscle groups can be proven to achieve deep physical relaxation. And those who are physically relaxed can also relax mentally, become calmer and more relaxed. The exercises are easy to learn and they are practical and applicable to anyone, anywhere.

Classical Indian Singing (Hindustani Vocals)

is only given on request/ in workshops.

Kathak - dance

is a North Indian classical dance style known for its pirouette-like turns and rhythmic footwork. It requires a good sense of rhythm and is best learned at a young age or by adults with previous knowledge in dance.

Courses can be booked online!                               

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