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24.07.24 Workshop: THE SECRET OF THE MOON POWER - Energetic cleansing of your femininity




and subsequent group ritual:







When: Wednesday, July 24, 2024,


Time: 18:00 - 21:00

Info and registration: (WhatsApp/Telegram/Signal: 0178 3953818)


The secret of the moon power - energetic cleansing of the female sacral chakra

The donations go to homeless animals and those in need in various countries.

🪷 what to expect at the meeting:

Cleansing the uterus - one of the most effective methods to maintain and protect a woman's health and energy balance.

Energetic cleansing rituals help you:

to heal yourself and free yourself from female diseases;

to develop your talents and find your destiny;

to attain a home, a comfortable home and prosperity;

feel a boost of energy and relieve fatigue;

Creating a happy family with a loved one

🔖 Bring a photo of your loved ones for a healing prayer.

🪷 Donation to participate in the workshop 15€

Following the workshop there will be the opportunity to

🪷 Group ritual: 50€* to participate

👱♀️👩🏻🦱*Come with a friend and you will receive the ritual as a gift:

"The energetic cleansing of the wombs of the women of your ancestral line", which you will go through that same evening!


To reserve a place, write back:

🪷female power!


Come and recharge your batteries with energy that will give you the strength to achieve all your goals.

It is also important to prepare yourself for our meeting "ENERGETIC CLEANSING OF YOUR FEMININITY":

📗1. Please read the book: "The Way of Love"

🧘♀️2. Watch the brilliant animated masterpiece:

"Between the worlds "

And forward this message to all the women you wish happiness to, 🫶🥰

do the meditation "The Energetic Cleansing of the Womb" ❤️

My dear, practice spiritual practices and study the knowledge of our school. Feel free to share it with other people.


Come and invite your friends to our other events:

the next WOMEN'S POWER CIRCLE, the field of love, is on 21.06.24 (summer solstice)

and on 05.07. and 19.07.24

from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in Staufenberg, near Kassel. 🙏🏻

For further details contact Sathi, your local organiser: (WhatsApp/Telegram/Signal: 0178 3953818) .

We look forward to seeing you! ❤️☘️


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