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25.07.24 Workshop: female wealth of the ancestral line - cleansing with the 4 elements




Cleansing the uterus

with the 4 elements




When: Thursday , 25 July 2024,


Time: 18:00 - 21:00

Info and registration: (whatsapp/ telegram/ signal: 0178 3953818)


My love, if you are reading this message, it means that you are taking the first step towards your dream! 🥰

✨♻️ In the workshop you will learn how to:

🍏 Restore the health of all female organs

🧬 You will achieve rejuvenation of your body cells – your hair will become stronger, your skin will be firmer and you will feel a boost of energy.

🫂 Achieve the ideal relationship with your partner that you have always dreamed of.

👁 Spiritual wealth – development, expansion of your knowledge and development of your supernatural abilities to attract material goods.

👨👩👧👦 Happiness and health of your children as well as their development as a reward from the higher spirits for your spiritual efforts in the ritual

See how the wonders of the river will transform you and everything around you:

In addition, as the Woman of Power - the wisest soul of your lineage - you will bring seven blessings to your lineage: 💎longevity of loved ones, 💎loyalty of men,💎wealth of the lineage, 💎strength of family relationships, 💎high destiny of your descendants, 💎attainment of sacred knowledge of the lineage, and 💎protection by a higher power for all your loved ones.


👨👩👧👦 Bring a photo of your loved ones for a healing prayer

🪷 Donation to participate 15€

Following the workshop (6-8:30pm) there will be the opportunity to:

🪷 to participate in a Group ritual (20:30-21:30): 50€*

👱♀️👩🏻🦱 *Come with a friend and you will receive the ritual as a gift:

"Cleansing the Womb with the Four Elements" which you will go through that same evening!



To reserve a place, write back:

🪷 female power of the ancestral line!


Come and recharge your batteries with energy that will give you the strength to achieve all your goals!

To prepare for the workshop, be sure to complete the ritual "Cleansing the Karma of the Ancestral Line", Level 1:

The spirits want to remind you that you are the true elder of your ancestral line!

You will experience the deepest healing when you take part in the seminar and we go through the "Field of Love" ritual together in a circle. Thanks to your prayers, the karma of your ancestral line will be healed. When you go through spiritual practices, your family tree will be filled with happiness, success and love.


Do you want miracles to happen in your life? Then it's time to believe in them.🤓 Check it out for yourself and share it with others:


And forward this message to all the women you wish happiness to, 🫶


Come and invite your friends to our other events:

the next WOMEN'S POWER CIRCLE, the field of love, is on 21.06.24 (summer solstice)

and on 05.07. and 19.07.24

from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in Staufenberg, near Kassel. 🙏🏻

For further details contact Sathi, your region organiser: (whatsapp/ telegram/ signal: 0178 3953818) .


We are looking forward to seeing you and await you in a circle of open hearts! ❤️☘️

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